Gen Z Spotlight: Michael Platt


Not many 11-year-olds memorize statistics about income inequality for fun. Then again, not many 11-year-olds open philanthropic bakeries.

Now 13 years old, Michael Platt opened Michaels Desserts, a bakery based in Washington D.C. with a one-to-one model, meaning for every baked good he sells, he donates one to the homeless and people in domestic violence shelters.

Michael purposefully left out the apostrophe in “Michaels Desserts” as a reminder that he bakes for others, not for himself. He also partners with No Kid Hungry while running P.L.L.A.T.E., his organization that creates “Snack Packs” to give to children with food insecurity.

Once a month, Michael creates a new cupcake flavor and names it for one of his favorite role models. Ever since he was six years old, Michael looked up to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who inspired him to find his own way to fight for justice.

Michael has appeared on several national television programs, and in his TED Talk, Michael says, “Every kid can do something. Pick the issue that matters to you, get the support of adults in your life, and remember that people who are small can solve big problems.”

The grind never stops for Michael, and neither does the frosting.

Photo from: @michaelsdesserts