Gen Z Spotlight: Egyptia Green


Photo by Jenn Terrell

Ever since she was little, Egyptia Green’s mother has always told her, “you can do anything you set your mind to do.” Now 13 years old and entering 8th grade in August, this message emboldened Egyptia to unify her community by launching Egyptia’s Movement, an organization with the goal of bringing together as many young people as possible to form a group that transcends racial biases, creates a safe space for people of color, and demands racial justice.

Deeply disturbed by the death of George Floyd, the Miami local decided to research America’s history of police brutality. She was inspired to support Black Lives Matter and “create a family, no matter the color of your skin, where black people and especially kids can feel safe”. In less than two months, Egyptia organized six peaceful protests ranging from 50 to 150 people. 

Egyptia said the most rewarding aspect for her so far is, “getting to know the amazing people who come to the protests.”  

To protect her and her activist-familys’ safety as well as her own, Egyptia (who is at high risk for COVID-19 due to asthma) makes sure that protestors are six feet apart and are wearing masks at all times. 

However, Egyptia’s larger vision is to create a community tolerant of diversity. In the coming weeks, Egyptia will use her website to encourage voting in local elections by listing candidates who support the Black Lives Matter movement.  After protests, Egyptia’s Movement invites activists to collectively eat at Black-owned restaurants and promotes Black-owned local businesses on social media. Egyptia is also in the process of researching crime in the Black community and is planning to work with local police forces to encourage officers-in-training to engage in their communities.

When it comes to the Gen Zers spearheading the Black Lives Matter movement, she knows they can make positive change, saying “anyone can do anything no matter what age they’re doing it.” Egyptia is turning her mother’s can-do mindset into actions and encouraging others to join her in making change.

“We kneel together,” Egyptia said.