Gen Z Spotlight: Connor McCrory


While many kids get a car for their sixteenth birthday, Connor McCrory got a bullet-proof vest so that he could follow a car-chase story.

The California native began reading the Sunday newspaper with his grandparents at age eleven and has had a passion for the news ever since. As a teenage freelance crime reporter for several papers and a photographer for Getty Images, Connor has been a journalist since 2017. During the time his classmates wrote book reports on Macbeth, Connor was writing about the high-profile Jeremy Dewitte police officer impersonation case.

But that’s not all! Connor is also the Co-founder of Horizon Talent Management, a talent agency for TikTok and YouTube creators. Dubbed “Manager Fletch” by his friends, Connor secures speaking engagements, brand sponsorships, and appearances. Putting his journalist hat on, Connor has also interviewed big-time influencers such as James Charles and Danielle Cohn.

Connor seamlessly bridges new and old media. Although he is involved in two industries often pitted against each other, Connor believes that both mediums can and will co-exist but through different mechanisms. He said, “… journalism will never die, but the form of how it’s delivered to people will change.”

If that’s true, expect to hear a lot more from this teenage crime reporter and digital influencer talent manager. For his seventeenth birthday, maybe Connor will add the next media gamechanger to his growing empire.